We handle every aspect of the production of our products with reliability and precision, so that we can give the best possible quality.

Passion and tradition

Our work is the result of ancient traditions that we pursue with passion, to ensure excellent wines.


Our wines have a unique flavor, full-bodied and enveloping … they speak directly to the heart.

I nostri vini

Why choose Terre of Castellaz?

  • We cultivate our vineyards and lands with passion and love.
  • We take the best care in every aspect of the production.
  • Our wines have been qualified by several awards and merits.
  • Our distribution system is efficient and fast.

Not only wine

As well as producing its own wine, Terre Of Castellaz also produces a range of cold cuts such as pancetta, ossocollo, sopressa, salami and cotechino. We are also proud to be a member of the Little Local Productions Associations, which controls provenance and quality of the products.